Calibration Services

The following calibration services can be performed at the Central Laboratory of Science and Engineering, including:


  • Electronic Balance (KAN Acreditation)


  • Beaker Glass
  • Measuring Cylinder
  • Volumetric Flask
  • Volumetric Pipette
  • Burette


  • Freezer
  • Refrigerator (KAN Accredited)
  • Incubator (KAN Accredited)
  • Oven (KAN Accredited)
  • IR Thermometer


  • Multimeter (KAN Accredited)
  • Volt Meter (KAN Accredited)
  • Ampere Meter (KAN Accredited)
  • Ohm Meter (KAN Accredited)
  • LCR Meter
  • Clamp Ampere
  • Oscilloscope
  • Watt Meter
  • IR Tachometer
  • Power Supply


  • pH Meter

For the calibration process, you can contact LSSR by phone or email in accordance with the LSSR contact or submit a registration on this link form.

Following are the LSSR accredited calibration measurement capabilities, namely:

Formulir Pendaftaraan Kalibrasi