The standard tool for LSSR electrical and mass calibration has returned from the re-calibration process on August 23, 2017. For approximately one month and a half the equipment was calibrated at Sucofindo Jakarta and Telkom MSC Surabaya, where during the re-calibration process the LSSR tool stopped to calibrate but after the completion of the re-calibration of the electrical and mass calibration equipment the LSSR will resume the unfinished internal electrical and mass calibration program. The laboratory that will be calibrating its equipment will be informed by the laboratory administration staff via email, so that the schedule for the calibration implementation or the laboratory can send the equipment to the LSSR. For equipment that has been submitted to the LSSR, calibration will be carried out immediately.

Gambar Stiker Kalibrasi Alat Yang Sudah Di Lakukan Re-kalibrasi

Image of Tool Calibration Sticker That Has Been Re-calibrated

The re-calibration process carried out by the LSSR is a requirement to maintain the quality of the standard LSSR measurements so that the measurements that have been calibrated by the LSSR can be guaranteed to be correct and traceable.

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