Implementation of Comparative Tests for Electrical Calibration Laboratories

The central science and engineering laboratory to ensure the suitability of the calibration measurement results, the laboratory will conduct a comparative test of digital multimeters and amperage clamps from March to April 2020. Artifacts that will be used in comparative tests are DMM FLUKE 85III and FLUKE 336 Clamp Meters, tools this was calibrated by SNSU as a reference laboratory for the implementation of this comparative test. While the Comparative Test room to be carried out includes:
1. Digital Multimeter (Fluke 85 III)

  • Volt: 1 mV – 1000 V
  • Ampere: 100 uA – 10 A
  • Ohm: 10 Ω – 1 GΩ

2. Clamp Meter (Fluke 336)

  • Ampere: 10 A – 600 A

Participants who wish to take this comparative test can contact the central laboratory and engineering via e-mail

Image of Artifacts Used in Comparative Tests

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