Work program

Central Laboratory of Science and Engineering Universitas Brawijaya is one of the calibration laboratories located in universities with BLU status and was promoted by Dikti in 2010 to become a world-class university. To further enhance its role in the world of education, the Central Laboratory of Science and Engineering has been proclaimed to be the first calibration laboratory at Brawijaya University which has an entrepreneurial character (Enterpreneurial University). Therefore, the direction of future development needs to be directed to become a World Class Entrepreneurial University (WCEU) with an autonomous status. Based on this development direction, it is expected that LSSR Universitas Brawijaya will have high competitiveness and be able to compete in a healthy manner with other calibration laboratories in the world. In an effort to achieve a calibration laboratory with a national reputation, this target is expected to be realized in 2021, while efforts should be made to start now.

As explained earlier that competitiveness at the national level includes the field of reliable and consistent calibration services, professional services to all stakeholders. All of this is in line with the mission and objectives of LSSR Universitas Brawijaya. In order to achieve this goal, strategic policies are needed that are in synergy with the policies carried out by Universitas Brawijaya. Brawijaya University in the 2005-2025 Long Term Development Plan has had Strategic Pillars which include: (1) expansion and equitable access to quality services and international competitiveness in all work units; (2) provision of competent lecturers, facilities and infrastructure, subsidies, data and information; (3) improving the quality of work unit service management.

Strategic policies to achieve the LSSR objectives of Universitas Brawijaya in accordance with strategic issues are:

• Improved quality of the number of calibration services.

• Improved quality of calibration service time.

• Increased scope of calibration.

• Minimize the number of complaints from customers.

• Improved customer calibration coverage.