To improve the quality of laboratory personnel, the Central Laboratory of Science and Engineering (LSSR) Universitas Brawijaya held a Dimensional Measurement and Calibration Training with Trainers from SPIN Sinergi Bandung, on Tuesday-Wednesday (24-25 August 2021) at Brawijaya University Malang. This activity aims to prepare the scope of Dimensional Calibration, especially with regard to length measurement.

           Refer to SNI 17025:2008 it is stated that calibration activities are carried out by personnel who have expertise in the field of calibration. One of the ways to achieve this is by involving personnel involved in calibration activities to attend training in accordance with their field of work.

        Calibration plays an important role in measurement activities. With calibration, it can be known what the actual value of the measuring instrument we use is. In the field of production, measurements that are carried out correctly will produce accurate and traceable data, which in turn will improve the quality of the products produced, reduce production costs, and increase productivity.


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